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initialize a travel bug

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The key is your cache.


You need a cache ID# (GCxxxxx) at least. If you do not have that, you cannot "Drop" the TB there.


Even at that, you are FAR better off to wait until the cache is successfully listed. Many times, folks have dropped a trackable into a cache that they "think" is going to get listed only to have the thing fail. They are then faced with another quandary about what to do about that... and ultimately come to the forums and ask, again.


Is there any particular reason that you cannot place the trackable into your already existing cache ...aside from its size?


Typically, logging a trackable into your own cache is by using a "Note" log and dropping the trackable just as if you were visiting any other cache.

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I only have 1 cache, micro. I am just starting out. My goal is to place at least one of each style of cache.

Then, really you should wait for your new cache to be successfully reviewed and listed.

You can place it into the cache while waiting for it to be reviewed.... just note that not all caches placed are successful in the review process. Be prepared.

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