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Ocotillo Wells CITO

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Recently spent a weekend caching and trashing about in Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area here in the lovely deserts of Southern California.


GeoGhostX puts the trash in the trash



While off roading we use an easily attached (tire carrier mounted) product called a Trasharoo. I have used mine for just over a year now, and really love the ability to clean as we go.


During this particular weekend we grabbed 111 caches, as well as a muffler, multitudes of empty bottled water bottles, misc. car parts, a plastic trash can, pizza boxes, aluminium cans, barbed wire bits, and the list goes on.


One full Trasharoo



A fantastic weekend on caching and trashing. The capper to the weekend was stopping at one of the desert general stores and asking if we could dump our CITO haul in his dumpster, as we explained we had been cleaning up the desert. He replied, "Nope, sorry, my dumpster is only for my trash."


We were a bit surprised, but nonetheless transported our trail gold home and used our home trash cans to dump our haul.

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