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FIRST CITO in Turkey

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hi all,


we are planning our first CITO event in Istanbul Turkey at this following weekend, we have a group which we try to expand our number of geocachers in Istanbul...

One of our friends Danley, created this event idea..


Because we are so new in this event can i get some ideas from you please.?


What we did and what we are planning to do:


- We opened the event cache listed: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC4GKKG

- We bought some gloves and big garbage bags (20 pieces)

- We have a facebook page and opened an event there and 12 people are interested and they say they will attend (we hope we will be there around 15 people)

- after the event we have some snacks ( pizza and cookies)


we have camera and planing to get some pictures.. and there are some new caches around the event area we plan to find them (if there'd be some new comers explaining them the game etc)


because it is our FIRST CITO in our country we are a little excited :))


any recommendations will be so appriciated and maybe it might be a little story for geocaching blog ???





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Well done! The group photos are really impressive.


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