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I am having problems with the page continuously "connecting" or loading.

I can be writing an email in a different window and constantly it is freezing my entire computer for 4 or 5 seconds every 5 or 6 seconds (if the website is open in a different window) It seems to be the adverts down the side. changes look ok to me though. And I am still trying to see if I can stop it happening but have not had any luck over the last 10 ish hours.

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Just logged in after updating my Annual membership. I cannot see my usual home page-ie PLAY-COMMUNITY etc. My home page seems totally white. Scroll across the PC Screen with the mouse and the OPTIONS APPEAR, but go as soon as the mouse moves. Any ideas. I see someone earlier had the same sort of issue. HELP??????????????


I am using INTERNET Explorer.


Now working correctly. No idea what happened.

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Must be something goofy in the script they are using. It takes a few log ins to make it work right.

Wednesday screen 3/4 white on main page on smartphone and PC. Then after a few trys at log in then out

suddenly all ok on PC. Phone not see it right till this morning. But all ok now, I use IE 10 on PC not sure

what IE on the phone.

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