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When do you ignore a cache?

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If a GC is in an area that I map regularly AND

  • I did not find after 30 minutes of searching. I don't care about numbers, and searching for more than 30 minutes is no longer fun for me. OR
  • I could not get to the cache. Some physical limitation of mine caused me to abort the search.


Normally I only Ignore the GCs that meet the above if they are in my home area map. However, if/when I start mapping other areas, then I would include such GCs in that mapping area in my Ignore list. To date I have 30 GCs in my Ignore list so that they don't show up in my home area map.

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1. Caches in places that are of no interest to me. "This nano is devoted to my son Charlie who was born 15 years ago in a hospital nearby".



I guess you won't be finding the cache I placed at the spot I lost my virginity at? Such a scenic view too!

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It's funny, I used to use the Ignore list a lot more than I do now. That likely has a lot to do with a small group of cachers in our local area that seem to have disappeared so there are a lot fewer caches that meet my criteria for ignoring.


I currently have 42 caches on Ignore. Seven of them have since been Archived and will be coming off the list after I am done here. The reasons they are on Ignore fall into these categories:


- Annoying puzzles. Ones that seem to exist just to be difficult to solve.


- Caches in uninteresting places that add one of the following criteria: high visibility location, homeless camp, trash-laden area, trash bins, private property, micro in a tree


- Caches which require a boat or other special gear to access that I don't own nor am likely to ever own


- Needle in a haystack type hides, hides in piles of rocks


I used to Ignore caches by certain hiders immediately, now I typically won't Ignore a cache unless I have been there and seen ground zero. Exceptions are if I read the logs and I see entries mentioning encounters with angry landowners, or trash, or other issues that make it sound like it won't be a pleasant experience.

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99% of the time I am with my kids, 5 and 2. I love getting them in the woods and even the little guy is getting good at climbing around. But something steep and slippery or something like that is not worth it! Sometimes we skip too because DS is in a carrier on my back and it may limit the spaces that I can comfortably get into. We skipped one today, DS was having snack and DD was going to come with me, but it was steep and if I slipped I would have been in the river and DS stuck in the car.I try to mix containers large enough to trade with micros, at least one, to keep the kids excited. I have done a few myself that I would not have gone near with the kids, or been more persistent than they would have stood for. So for me, they are my main consideration when looking at the map.

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