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Travel Bug History

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I like to follow TB that I have grabbed and placed. My question is. Is there a way to see when I had a give TB other than working my way back through the TB history? This becomes a real mission if a cacher has visited many locations and thus increasing the number of events. This might require some software work at Groundspeak but I think it would be an appreciated feature.

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There currently is no way (that I know of) other than by hand-searching the logs posted.


It has been suggested in the past... similar to a cache page telling you (You logged this as Found on xx/xx/xxxx).


It would be a pretty good thing to do on a trackable page, also.


So how do we get through to the powers that be?

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So how do we get through to the powers that be?

Lessee here... maybe hoping and/or praying. Perhaps bribing -- that works sometimes. I'd stay away from violence, though.


They may very well be implementing something. We usually aren't privy to it until it is done(?).



Believe it or not, they do read the Suggestions (I think).

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