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So hard to Find Caches!

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So I had found a area where a cache is hiding, i thought it was easy, i took my brother and then we set off.

Eventually we had came to the area, and there was no cache to be found, what in the world?!

We thought it was so hard to find a cache we were looking everywhere! Still, no where to be found!?

If there are experts out there, can you kinda, give me a hand, like what should i look for when i am looking for a cache?

Is there like, anything i should know? If so please answer me :D

Most Appreciated


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1] You MUST pay attention to the size of the cache. Near the top of the cache page is the size rating. Micros can be smaller than your little fingernail. You didn't say what size you were looking for, so I am guessing that you never took note of it! Also, there is a difficulty level... more stars = more difficult to find, did you notice that tidbit?


2] Camouflage or Disguise, a means of hiding in plain (?) sight -- It's all a matter of perception. Is it really a loose piece of bark you are looking at? Maybe you saw a mushroom or toadstool but... are you sure that is what it was? What about that elongated bolt on a sign that just doesn't look right?

Did you really look at that lamp post, really, really look at it? What about that pile of sticks when the rest of the area is only a scattering of sticks? There is no limit to disguises.


3] Tired of looking at and under bushes? Just by chance, maybe you should look up, instead.


4] Read the (decrypted) hint, if any. Read the previous cache logs as oftentimes there are clues within -- not that the poster intended, but they are there, nonetheless.


5] First time out? For comparison sake, did you play the piano the first time you saw one (not just bang on the keys)?


6] It can be a box, it can be a tube, it could be an ammo can, it can be a tupperware container, it can be a pill bottle, or an Altoids tin or a film cannister, and on and on and on... Oh yes, it can also be (shhhhhh) magnetic. It could even be none of the above -- it could be home made.


Would really love to answer your question better.. but you need to be a bit more specific in your question or at least supply some better info about the cache you are looking for - size, type, forest, urban, mountain, location itself could be helpful.


You thought it was easy, eh? It is! Really, it is. You either need to learn more, or you need to stop thinking in standard terms and think "outside of the box". Caches are hidden so as to prevent the occasional passers-by from noticing them (they have a habit of disappearing when that happens), so you have to hunt for it. There will come a time or two that you will find one, only after having looked directly AT it three or more times. It's not unusual, at all.

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1. Start with the easiest variants. Traditional geocaches - not puzzles. Standard (at least small) containers - not nanos. Difficulty level of 1-1.5 - not 3 and above.


2. Choose caches where you don't need much stealth skill. A cache in a large park where you can feel more comfortable when searching could be better than a cache on a busy street in the centre of a city.


3. Don't hesitate using hints. There's nothing wrong in using hints. Read the cache description carefully. Sometimes all necessary data is already included, people just don't pay attention.


4. Read other people's logs. Especially the latest logs. If the list ends with several DNFs in a row it could be not the best variant for a hunt. Look at the uplodaded photos (image gallery), they could help you too. On the other hand, a cache which was successfully found 5 times within the last week could be a good choice.


5. Don't stuck at just one geocache. Do some planning for your trip, download several caches to your device. If you cannot find some cache in reasonable time don't be too upset and move to your second cache. You will most probably get more geocaching experience after finding 4 of 5 selected caches than after spending hours at the very first location with no results at all. This experience may help you to find the first tricky cache afterwards.


Actually, there are tons of different caches, ways of camouflage, containers, etc. This difference is one of the greatest features of this sport. Anyone can choose a cache for himself/herself.

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