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Interpreting this datasheet


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Benchmark in question: TR1102


Three years ago when I logged this I understood it to say that the benchmark was the light upon the structure. Looking back I'm not sure if it means to say that the structure itself is the mark. Can anyone understand this a bit better?


In either case, is there a way to tell if the structure is the original from 1940? This seems unlikely, but if it turns out to be then my destroyed log would not be accurate.

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Hi Ruhlandpedia,


The station would have been the white light itself.


I am assuming that the photo you posted was at the adjusted coordinates in the datasheet? The picture that you posted does not look like a 1944 structure to my uneducated eyes. It also is not what I would call a rectangular "structure” and I do not see any evidence of it being set on driven pilings. Is the structure in your photo 12 feet above the beach?



In my opinion, I would not fret about changing your previous logging of this as “destroyed” on geocaching.com but I would NOT submit a “destroyed” report to the NGS without photo evidence of what the structure looked like in 1944 or 1960 or some other evidence that the 1944 era structure was definitely destroyed or replaced. If you had to do it all over again and did not have additional evidence I would say "Write Note" would have been a better way to log this - along with an explanation of what you found.


Congratulations on being conscientious about submitting a “destroyed” log. One should only post a “destroyed” log when absolutely certain. A “write note” logging will suffice when evidence of destruction is not concrete.


Keep on benchmarking!

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