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OUR RECORD: 7-Cache Day

Guest MacNNacho

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Guest MacNNacho

We've only been caching for about a month... or less. Sunday (07/15/2001) was an amazing 7-cache find day as we teamed up with Checkers&Plaid (my sister and her family). We spent the day in the Big Bear area of the San Bernardino Mountains in California. It was a beautiful day to be up in the mountains rather than at lower altitudes where it was MUCH hotter. Among the peace of the rocky terrain a lot of folks were enjoying the outdoors today. We enjoyed some nice views of the desert that stretched forever into the horizon. Even my five-year old niece hiked all of the trails. I'm certain this is by no means a record. It would be nice to hear from others who have daily logged records. MacNNacho.



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Guest db8tr

Well, last thursday I went out and found every cache within 90 miles of my house. Which was a whopping 2 caches. I'm working on the need in my area though. 1 cache hidden on saturday, another 2 ready to be placed once I narrow down the locations.

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Guest bunkerdave

My personal best is 12, with 300+ miles driven and 15 hours spent. I have reached double digits twice, and 9 one other time. I have heard of a family that did 13. In Salt Lake City, you could probably do 20 in a day, and still get home for the Simpsons.

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Guest PharoaH

We did 8 in one day, but most of them were very short. We drove a little over 150 miles that day and cached about 9 hours. The first cache of the day was the best. There were 5 waypoints to gather addresses and dates. Then after the 5th waypoint, you calculate the coordinates of the cache. If you're ever down near Atlanta, you have to try this one:


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Guest Elwood

with me?

oh yeah, i know bunkerdave is up to the challenge, except he has probably logged all 25 of them...


[This message has been edited by Elwood (edited 18 July 2001).]

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Guest MacNNacho

THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR REPLYING. It's great to hear the stories regarding your personal records.

db8tr: cudos for finding 100% in your cache area. Hopefully there will be more springing up for you soon.

bunkerdave: you have the goal so far with 12. Let's see if it stands.

PharoaH: you squeaked one more out than us. We'll have to work on that...hehehehe.

Elwood: Set you sights for the 25... good luck and let us know how you do.

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Guest PharoaH

While its neat to hunt up a lot of caches in a day, I still prefer one or two well thought out caches in a day. Show me some neat geographic feature, or a piece of forgotten history. A good hike through the forest is great too - I'm trying to get into better shape. I saw a place this weekend that had a great view from a mountain top. I'll be placing a cache there as soon as I can get back to it.

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Guest ErichB

Even though there are a bunch of caches in my area I've avoided going overboard and finding all of them in a weekend. Once I've done that what am I gonna go look for?

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Guest PharoaH

Originally posted by ErichB:

....I've avoided going overboard and finding all of them in a weekend. Once I've done that what am I gonna go look for?

There are 100 within an hour (or so) of us. Now that we've run a marathon, we have been looking for a good day of hiking or a really unique placement. It is fun to look back and think of an 8 cache day, but it isn't what we want every time.


There are a lot of little "quickies" around here, so why not polish off the quickies in northwest Atlanta while we're on that side of the metro? Honestly, I don't care for an hour drive through the metro just to spend 15 minutes actually caching on a single 1/1. That's when we'll do a string of 1/1's.


What will we do when we've done all the metro caches? There are some that we would visit again in a different time of the year, just for the view and the hike. We will also plan some weekend excursions into the more mountainous areas of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.


We love a good road trip and we have really enjoyed hiking. Our motto has always been, "Always an adventure!" So, the weekend excursions this fall should be a lot of fun.

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