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Garmin 450t - help with setting up

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Hi guys, I'm slowly getting use to my new garmin, i must admit i do still find it 'old tech' i think the term is and not easy to setup if you are a GPS virgin, so I'm afraid a need your help with a few things please........... firstly once i have downloaded some new maps where do put them and then if i pick two maps does that automatically 'over lay'.

Next Profiles, I know how to flip between profiles, but i can't figure out how to edit their content, i've even tried creating a new one but still the only options are rename, move up and delete, so how do you actually set the profile up???


Many thanks

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Likely someone else will reply regarding profiles. In general only use the Geocaching when you are actually caching. My unit is ether in the automotive or recreational profile.


Re maps: A search of this forum will find many postings regarding maps. Lots of good reading and accurate information here:

wiki information


I have an Oregon 550 and an 8gb micro sd card. I put EVERYTHING on the sd card and have loaded and used several maps at the same time; Canada, USA, Mexico, UK, Europe from Budapest to Prague via Nuremburg. I downloaded all my extra maps from OpenStreetMaps. There is a bit of learning curve at OSM but well worth the effort.

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