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Unlogged Benchmarks

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I photographed these benchmarks with an old SLR, have no coordinates for them. I would like to locate them, obtain a PID and log them as found, but I'm not finding anything on the NGS. Is there a specific format for typing the data on the face of each disc? Please advise.


AZHD 1953

BOR BM At or Near N 35 39.358 W 114 42.046

USGS 14M 1947 in Mass, possibly Hatfield

USGS 1904 VA Near the Coconino Saddle, Grandview Trail, Grand Canyon NP

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The USGS marks might not be in the NGS database, and might not be in any online database. The USGS database is still hardcopy, except for USGS marks that were also bluebooked for the NGS database. (Though it's possible they might be on Waymarking.com if someone else has found and logged them.)


The AZHD seems like it might be an Arizona Highway Department mark, which likely would also not be in the NGS database, but there are some user-added ones in the Waymarking database.


That last one I don't know about, unless that BOR means Bureau of Reclamation. There is an old thread mentioning a Bureau of Reclamation benchmark here:


Their site lists some Colorado River related projects, but in a quick search I didn't see anything talking about benchmark locations.


Actually being able to see the pictures would help to identify exactly what all you found and figure out if there's a way to locate their positions. There are lots of benchmarks in existence that aren't part of the NGS system.

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