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Adding a background photo to a new cache page

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Can any one help here please.

I am new to HTML, and would like to publish a cache page, with a photo/image in the background, which is opaque (faint). I want the text to "stand out"in front of the image. Is this possible?

If so, what are the steps needed to do this, and remember I am new to this !!

Thank you.

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The background image will only show up on the edges of the cache page. You will not see it in the inner part.....

For instance - notice the blue area on the outside is the background image


You can't overlap text over an image in the short/long descriptions of a cache page.


You manually make the image yourself using PHOTOSHOP or other photo editing software to EDIT the image (faint), add text inside and save it as a jpeg. Upload to a host...and put it in your cache description(html). Then....your short/long description would be one huge image (and that's it).

I've never tied doing it this way....but I'm assuming it would work since you can put html images in the descriptions.

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Thank you,

maybe I was being too ambious!, but will try this. Enjoying the learning curve though




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