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Editing 'Unknown'/Mystery/?'s Co-ords


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Recent site updates now allow members to edit the co-ordinates of a Mystery/Unknown/? cache.....I don't use GSAK so I can't limit uploads to my GPS to 'Solved' Mystery/Unknown/? caches.....I use Pocket Queries. Therefore ALL Unknown/Mystery/? caches get uploaded to my GPS; solved and unsolved (edited co-ords and unedited co-ords)....frustrating - when I look at my GPS map; which are solved, which aren't??


My suggestion: As well as being able to edit the co-ords, include a checkbox: Geochecked/Good/confient co-ords could be Green, solved but unsure = Orange, unsolved/"dunno" = blue....these CHANGE the colour of the '?' Mark on your Beta map & thus your Pocket Query/GPS upload........next time you look at your GPS map you can quickly see (by colour) which Unknown/Mystery/? caches are potentially findable (geochecked and/or confident will be green '?' marks, solved but not entirely confident will be orange, unsolved/dunno will be blue).....Just a thought. Could be a great feature to add.



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I would suggest adding puzzle caches that you haven't solved to your ignore list, and then excluding ignored caches from your PQs.


Once you solve the puzzle, edit the co-ordinates and remove the cache from the ignore list.


EDITED to add:


You will have to keep track of your degree of uncertainty for yourself. ;)

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Whilst utilizing the 'ignore' function does offer an option it isn't completely user friendly. I use the geocaching.com Mapping function to scout around my hometown or places I'm planning a holiday....checking out caches I might want to visit and/or finding Puzzles to solve. If I Ignore them all (as they are 'unsolved') then won't they drop off my geocaching map as well & not be visible? Much easier to have a colour coded edit function (along side the Co-ord edit function) to allow a user to change the colour of the '?' mark on the maps & gps....this way; if I'm planning a holidy to an area & solving puzzles...I can quickly see on the Map function which are solved (and where the Final(s) are)and which are unsolved.....and I can easily plan a Route or two and/or plan some adventures. I think being able to edit the colour of the '?' would be most useful for a lot of cachers.....What I have done in the past for solved puzzles is 'Added a WP' on my GPS (changing the flag colour to Red so it stands out), naming the WP the same as the puzzle......then; when I need hints or clues or the cache description I then go back into the GPS & track down the actual cache to read the details...but then it's a pain to have to switch between the cache & WP (as you need to 'Go' to the cache to get any hints or read extra logs)...then you need to remember to delete the WP if you find the cache, then load up the cache so you can record it as 'found' in the GPS...lots of mucking around. I think adding a colour edit function would be easy (in a computer programming sense), unobtrusive (for those who don't want the function. As the function would be part of the 'edit co-ords' toggle which is unobtrusive in itself), and very useful.....

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I like the idea Team Gators, as I have a number of solved puzzles and this would distinguish them. I love the change co-ordinates feature and now use that for all my solved ones and if this feature became live I would certainly make good use of it too. Great idea.

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I like TeamGaters idea - simple to use and allows recognition of solved puzzles on the map, particularly useful for less familiar geography and planning geocaching trips.

This is a natural progression to adding amended coordinates to the cache page once puzzles are solved.

Lets test it out....

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It would be nice if the solved puzzles turned into Traditionals - which they almost all are once you've solved the puzzle to find the new coors. AND it would be nice if they ALL showed up on the large map in their new location (I know they show up in their new location in the cache page) but if I'm planning which area I want to go to, it would be nice if it would pop up in the corrected spot so I know it's in the whereabouts of where I'm going.


Otherwise only the cache of the page you're looking at will show up in the corrected spot.

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...from what I can tell; once you edit the co-ords on the cache page - these corrected co-ords do in fact load up into your Pocket Query (and GPS). And this is my issue. When you look at your GPS map (or website map) ALL Mystery caches have a blue '?' icon. solved/corrected and unsolved/dummy co-ords all look the same. My idea; as well as being able to edit the co-ords, edit the colour of the '?' mark - that way you can tell at a glance which are solved and which aren't.....easy peasy....a fantatic, useful, feature!....

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Yeah, it is really time for gc to do something like this. To handle mysteries is so unconforable that many people I know dont do that type of caches. I think the most confortable way would be a build in checker. After the right answer, the cache will be shown as a normal traditional or multi (maby with a little "?" in the picture. AND would be downloaded like a normal traditional or multi in a pq.

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