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Use coordinates on the phone app

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Hi Guys!


So I'm kind of new at this and I was hoping for some help.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Stellar, and I use the geocaching app to navigate to caches. This wasn't a problem, until I tried to do a puzzle cache with a friend. The results of the puzzle gave us coordinates to enter to find the final destination, but when I enter coordinates into the search bar it just gives me a list of caches with coordinates closest to the ones I entered.


I can not for the life of me figure out how to enter coordinates and have the app just have me navigate to that location. Does anyone know how to enter coordinates directly into the phone and have it map/navigate you to the coordinates you input?

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From another thread...

While on the "Navigate to Geocache" page hit the flag up on top. Enter the coords and hit "done","done" again, you are now navigating to the new coords.

If you update your file before you finish its going to go back to the original coords though.


Forum searches work well for these types of questions (upper right).

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