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iGeoKnife keeps returning to current location

Walts Hunting
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I use iGeoKnife on my iPad. I drop PQ in and it gets converted and displays nicely on the screen. When you open the map screen it automatically centers on your current position. I cannot find away to shut that off and here is why I need to.


I am often looking at caches far away and planning the next few days. Would rather not have the GPS on so it opens (actually it does) and stays at that PQ's location.


Moving past that I move around until I am seeing the caches I want and all of a sudden it does it again. Really more annoying than anything but would like to solve it.


Before everyone jumps in and suggests all the other programs I have tried them. The biggest thing about this app is that the icons are small ammo cans and i can see the layout of caches in an area. Others have those huge bubbles over the cache which when zoomed out creates one big blob.


I use Locus on my Android for the same reason.

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