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62s Routing issue

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I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this issue on their 62s, with City Nav NT 2012.2, and maybe have an idea for a fix. When navigating to any type of way point and following road, and in either "faster time" or "shorter distance", the screen re-draw is very slow. Very, very slow. This started happening in December, and I can't figure out what's wrong. Here are some screen captures:




The roads do not dead-end as shown, and these aren't worst case, the screen usually goes completely blank, updating only the little triangular current position icon (a.k.a. drive off the map) before eventually re-drawing the map and route. But I can't grab a screen capture in those instances because the GPS seems "frozen" to any inputs (zoom, change screens, etc.). This does not happen while navigating in "direct" mode, or when just driving with no destination; the screen redraws just as fast as can be.


I have: removed and copy-pasted the City Nav file, deleted and new install of the City Nav file, delete and paste a copy of the original settings files, and master reset of the 62s.


Any ideas?


edit: some more info.

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Thanks for the responses/questions.


Yes, I have other maps, all installed on the SD card. And I have removed and re-seated it. Everything appears to work fine, even City Nav when not navigating turn by turn. All the POIs and search features work, can switch from map to map, and it only (and just about always) freezes after completing a turn. It usually takes 10s of seconds to completely redraw the map and active route. An update may or may not solve the problem, as everything worked fine for about a year, and this issue popped up suddenly. So very odd.

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