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Transferring PQ info to and from Garmin GPSmap 62s


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So, first I apologize if these questions have already been answered in a previous topic. I promise I didn't see it! :)


I am just starting to play with PQs. I have read both the info on the geocaching site and the detailed info site they refer you to. I understand how to set up a PQ but I'm not sure how to transfer it to my Garmin GPSmap 62s. I have transferred individual caches from manual searches to my GPSr with no problem, but I also don't know how to transfer the logs I make on the GPSr (ie: Found or DNF) back to geocaching.com. Also, I assume there will be a maximum memory on my GPSr, so I'm also not sure how to remove (but possibly save?) the caches I've already found.


If there is a forum or thread that's more specific for this GPSr, please point me there. I'm also looking for info about downloading both traffic and topographical maps on to it. I hate hiking only to find that I need a canoe to cross a huge lake ;)


Thanks for all your help!



(aka Dana)

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Can't answer all of your questions but I can answer the one about transferring PQs to the 62s.


Connect the 62s to your computer and then download the PQ. Once the PQ is downloaded, unzip it so it becomes a GPX file and then move it to the Garmin\GPX directory on your GPSr. Mine shows up as drive F so my directory is F:\Garmin\GPX. The documentation says you can load you can load something like 2000 waypoints and 5000 geocaches, but I have had mine lock up when trying to load over 4000 GCs. May have been a low battery issue though.


As to logging, I generally find it easier to log the entries on-line as the full keyboard is a whole lot easier to use.


I also use GSAK to keep track of my stats, solved puzzles, and unfound GCs. It's a great tool and widely used. Check it out at http://GSAK.net. I have nothing to do with the software but am glad I invested the money to buy it. You can trial it for 30 days with no limitations and then it does a countdown before you can use it after that. There are a lot of macros you can run once you have the database populated. BTW, you can do a bulk upload of logs to geocaching.com with it as well.


Hope this helps.


Another happy 62s owner,


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First things first...


If you have used (loaded) your GPSr using data obtained as a non-Premium Member, you should remove ALL data from your unit. It does have a tendency to cause problems.


Once you have mastered Pocket Queries, loading them isn't difficult at all. Just follow the steps as provided by laker91 -- you will notice after unzipping the downloaded file that there are two GPX files. One is geocaches, the other is child waypoints (that is, waypoints associated with those geocaches -- parking, POI's, trailheads, etc.). Drag 'n Drop each one into the GPX folder in your unit (or mSD card). Unplug and you are ready to go.


Uploading: Plug the GPSr into your computer, turn it on and go to your Profile Page. There, on the right side towards the bottom, locate the Access Your Field Notes <not active> link. Click on that and follow the directions for your unit.

That will (should) REMOVE those logged cache notes from your unit and make them available for you to reference and/or post directly from that list. We upload, then alter (edit) those field notes into a full-blown log and [submit]. This way, you never mis-log or mix up which cache was what. And yes, it uploads notes and DNF's as well -- it WILL NOT make a record of any trackables moved, retrieved, dropped or discovered -- you will still need to do that on your own. So make sure you make a notation of such in your field notes -- you can edit out things such as tracking numbers before you [submit].


Saving geocaches: We never save caches on our unit. Pretty much, it is a waste of space. Pocket Query parameters allow you to disregard any Caches Found, thereby they are not loaded again and you will never clutter the map with smilies.

If for some reason you want to load Found Caches (it happens, occasionally), you can run a PQ for Found Caches only -- caches since archived will not appear, but then supposedly, they aren't in place anyway!

Once logged online, any cache (archived or not) is available to view through geocaching.com and your stats. Let the website do your saving for you.


Side Note(s): A PQ can deliver up to 1,000 caches per, up to 5 times daily. Holding massive amounts of data in your unit for an extended period of time can be detrimental. As caches are archived constantly (disabled, too) and new one placed, data that is over two weeks old is stale and may well have you looking for something that doesn't exist while at the same time, missing what is nearby.

PQ's are cheap -- use fresh ones as much as possible.


Loading up a new PQ to your unit will OVERWRITE the previously loaded PQ info. Many folks set up PQ's to automatically run weekly. You don't have to load them weekly, but the (available) data is always fresh that way.

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