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Now they are gone ...

I miss my flying superman (and 41 points visited).

But it wasn't comfortble to load the coords on the garmin ('found and next' missing) but on the other side it ws nearly the same as the good old virtual caches, why not handling like a regular cache?

I hope someone will save the challenges.


T. GrgC

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Dear Groundspeak team,

we will miss the challenges, esp. the global ones, but there are other games to play out there instead. Being a software professional for ages I won't miss this opportunity to tell you that there is always the possibility to archive data and to make them available in read-only mode. I do not understand, no, I really DO NOT, that you did not make any effort to keep the challenge log, the photos and all this wonderful communication around the challenges on a non-changing, read-only tab in our public profiles. The current appearance of the challenges profile tab should be changed to a challenge display archive. Removing all and everything without a trace is not the way an IT professional acts.

Best Regards, DasCacherGirl2 (and yes, we are PMs and we will stay)

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