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Larger map centering

The Rat

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When I go to a cache page and click on the "View larger map" link and the new map comes up with the cache icons there are often scores, or even hundreds, of cache icons shown. The icon for the cache I was looking at is never centered, nor is it highlighted or labeled. By hovering the mouse pointer over each icon most will cause a pop-up window showing the cache name, but not always, especially where the icon is partially covered by a nearby icon. This happens a lot around here where there are many puzzle caches and their icons may be right on top of regular cache icons or vice versa. Thus hunting for the actual icon you want in this forest is sometimes harder than looking for the cache. I would like to see the cache whose page I clicked be centered or highlighted, preferably both. If I try to zoom in to get some separation among the icons so that the mouse hovering works better I am likely to make the target cache move off the edge and disappear since it is not in the center. Is there any easy solution to this? Does anyone know why the "View larger map" link doesn't center the target cache?

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Does anyone know why the "View larger map" link doesn't center the target cache?

It actually does center on the cache, but not in the way you're expecting.

When you're viewing the large map, the map goes all the way across the browser window, whether or not you have the sidebar open. The sidebar overlays on top of the map; it doesn't "push it over". If you collapse the sidebar, it will become clear that the target cache is indeed exactly in the center when considering the entire map width. With the sidebar open, the cache will still be centered, but not centered on the portion of the map still visible.

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