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3 Motorola Spirit GTs + Extras, 4 Spirit SV12s

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I'm trying to save up for the upcoming Geko 301 so some stuff I don't need are going to make room for it. I have for sale:


3 Motorola GT UHF business radios with Chargers and 3 extra batteries! Used but in excellent shape. Example:




4 Motorola Spirit SV12 1 watt VHF Professional radios with new 5" long range antennas (new round type, not old boxy type). 2 have new batteries, 2 does not. No chargers included. Batteries are $10 each on ebay, chargers too.


3 Motorola Spirit GT Radios + Batteries: $105 Shipped OBO


4 Motorola Spirit SV12s: $75 shipped **SOLD**




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Sent reply. I took a closer look and found one radio to be SV11 model. To make up for this, I'm willing to install CTCSS Boards in all 4 radios for you. These are worth about $30-50 each and add 38 quiet tones via dip switches.


Great deal! Get's me closer to saving up for the Geko 301 icon_smile.gif

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