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Wanted: Penguin geocoin!

lady pinguin

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After my previous post some time ago I managed to acquire a couple of penguin coins, but there are still a few missing to complete the collection. So if anybody can help me to add to my penguin coins collection I would be very grateful. I can buy or trade and both activated or unactivated is fine. Please find the seeking list below.


- GeoPinguin Kowalski Geocoin Black White XLE 50

- GeoPinguin Rico Geocoin Green Glow XLE 50

- Eclectic Penguin Slate Geocoin

- Eclectic Penguin Geocoin (Red/Green eyes and Green tie)

- Eclectic Penguin Geocoin (White/Green eyes and Green tie)

- Eclectic Penguin Geocoin (Green belly)

- Eclectic Penguin Geocoin (Red tie)

- Geocaching The Top 40 – Oshndoc

- OshnDoc Geocoin (XLE Two-tone)

- OshnDoc Geocoin (Black Nickel/Satin Silver)

- OshnDoc Geocoin (Antique Bronze)

- OshnDoc – Family Matters Geocoin (LE Black Nickel/Satin Nickel)

- OshnDoc – Family Matters Geocoin (LE Gold/Satin Nickel)

- OshnDoc – Family Matters Geocoin (Antique Bronze)

- PengoFamily 2007 Geocoin (all versions)

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