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How do I log the location of my new TB to it's first Cache?

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I am really puzzled as I thought putting the location coord's of your TB's first drop off would be a pretty obvious part of the registration or the TB's homepage except I cannot for the life of me figure it out!


So I've registered the TB, placed it in a cache and now want to associate that cache to the bug or at the very least give it it's own coord's????? :blink:

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If you have activated the travel bug with its tracking code (often printed on the back), it goes into your inventory.

Then you write a note or you log a find for the cache you put it in. (or you edit the find you made when you put it in)

Underneath your message, you should see all the TBs in your inventory.

You select the one you just activated and choose "dropped off" to put it in the cache in question.


And you're all done.

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