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Welcome to Lisbon, Alexandra.


The Lisbon geocachers meet every second friday of the month, for a non-official geocaching event at Dolce Vita Monumental shopping mall, on Saldanha area.

Around 8PM you can find a lot of geocachers on the restaurants level.

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Hi people of Lisbon,

We were on holliday in Lisbon. We tried to find a hole lot of caches. No problem for the rest of Portugal but in Lisbon our gps was very inexact. It kept sending us forward ad backwards. Is this just a problem for us or did more people suffer with this problem? We found 37 caches in Portugal, but only 4 in Lisbon. The rest was not to be found with such an inefficient gps. HELP

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Hello everybody!

I am a pretty new geocacher, and I have just moved to Lisbon. I dont know anybody here so I thought I would see here if there are some geocahing activities in Lisbon? It would be fun to meet new people!




Hi Alexandra,


Welcome to Lisbon.


We have every month a small get together event in Mafra, we would love to welcome you there. Here's the link to the event: http://coord.info/GC41R3N


We are also having our anual event, Geojantar do Oeste: http://coord.info/GC3XK8K


All these event's are small and intimate events, great for knowing some portuguese Geocacher's.


If you need any help please contact us through our Profile or just drop us an email at geocaching@geocacherzone.pt


Best regards,

Nuno, Xana & Fraldinhas - Team GeocacherZONE

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