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Send to GPS not working with Chrome on Mac

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Hi there,


I am an Mac OSX user, browsing with Google Chrome.


If I want to send a cache to my GPS (Garmin eTrex 30) via the button 'Send to GPS', the geocaching.com site tells me: "Your browser is not supported to use the Garmin Communicator Plug-In.".

The thing is; the Garmin Communicator Plug-in does support Chrome on OSX! If I visit the following link: http://www8.garmin.com/products/communicator/ , I get a message from Garmin telling me: "Communicator Plugin is properly installed and up to date. Version:". It also recognizes my eTrex 30.


When I want to send a Cache to my GPS, I have to separately login with Apple's Safari in order to get the 'Send to GPS' function working.


I suspect this is a problem on the side of Groundspeak/Geocaching.com. The Garmin Communicator Plugin tells me it is working fine with Chrome and it also recognizes my Etrex 30. So, I suspect this is a check in the website of Groundspeak, which is outdated.


Could someone take a look at it? Would greatly appreciate it to use my premium functions with Chrome.


Best wishes,

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