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Can you lend me a hand

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Old Navy, who does Yeoman's Duty for Caching in North Jersey put out a request for some help. It appears as if he gets a number of request from people to help them introduce others to geocaching. So this time it was the City of Clifton Recreation Department sponsoring a Family Camping Night in

Albion Memorial Park. They asked if someone would explain Geocaching to their group on Saturday Mornibng and I told John that I would do that, in view of the fact that my office is here and I have worked in town forever. Today they called and they changed it a little, in that they apparently are having a group that wants to go up to Garret Mountain around 10:30 or so and hike a bit, so I am looking to see if there are any people who can perhaps volunteer to go hike with them and keep them from falling off as they search for geocaches. Saturday 8/18/12.


Thanks, E mail me through geocaching and I will send my details.

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