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Help with co ords in android googlemaps

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Hi all, newbie question. How do I add co ordinates into googlemaps on my android phone? Lets take this as an example N 54° 57.132 W 001° 24.150.

Could someone tell me what I type in please? I've tried 54(space)57.132(space)001(space)24.150 but that puts the location in the north sea, and it should be in Boldon, Tyne & Wear. Would appreciate any help!

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I'm unsure were you "add coordinates" in google maps. I tried out to put coordinates in the navigation dialog where you enter the destination address:



Should work

(so add N and E and leading zeroes can be omitted)


It seems that ° can also be replaced by a space (as you already did).

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Yes, that's it, thanks. I was missing out the letters. The reason for my question was googlemaps is handy to get you to the nearest road to the cache; if you're 5 miles away for example it's pretty hard navigating with just a compass! Thanks also for the tip about the leading zeros.

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