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  1. Get yourself a chest with an upper tray. Like this http://www.attrezzieutensili.it/4255-thickbox_default/small-cantilever-tool-case-with-detachable-lid-organizer-and-internal-tray.jpg but more treasure chest looking. Don't worry about being water tight. Put a water tight container in the box below the tray for the log book and swag. Put in the tray some cheap plastic jewelry and coins so the treasure aspect will remain when someone opens the chest.
  2. Wouldn't GS have the ability to remove anything offensive from the listing? I think a cache listing with content removed, locked and archived would be better than unpublishing once the cache has been found and logs posted.
  3. I get valid utf-8 characters as well. Seems I remember a while back when a bug was discovered in which certain foreign characters were not being converted to utf-8 properly. May be that one of the GC.com servers wasn't updated with the fix.
  4. I would think you would just be better off buying a smartphone and an IPX7 rated case with battery backup such as http://www.walmart.com/ip/21978216?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=3&adid=22222222227015891103&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=40334765710&wl4=&wl5=pla&wl6=43626330910&veh=sem
  5. Click on Tolls in the menu, then Options. Go to the Locations tab. Type on a new line Home, S32 25.921 E 115 47.050 (Replace the coordinates with one near where you live). Restart GSAK. Now when you get geocaches, it will default to your home area.
  6. Something like that happened a few years ago in Orlando. A geocacher upset TPTB so much that his caches were locked and archived. Some of his friends adopted the caches, but the reviewers would not allow them to be re-listed unless all traces of the original owner were removed from the cache description.
  7. Another option would be to use the Hide and Seek a cache under the Play menu using the address of where you are staying. After the results show up, click on "Map this location" above the list. Zoom out and move around until the map encompasses all the caches you wish to search for. Click on "Save as Pocket Query" on the left sidebar (might have to scroll the sidebar to see it). Now name the pocket query, change any options you wish to, then run it.
  8. I use the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G (formerly called the Exhibit II 4G) with T-Mobile. At the time I bought my phone, Walmart had a deal where you can get unlimited text and unlimited data, but only 100 minutes talk, for $30 per month. Since I don't talk very much on my phone anyway, this deal was perfect for me. The GPSr on the phone works great when you install the GPS Status app. Only real downside is that the latest official OS is gingerbread 2.3.6. If you don't mind voiding the warranty, you can root the phone and install jellybean 4.2.2 which works fantastic.
  9. I feel sorry for those who have notifications for Denmark caches sent to their phone.
  10. Have you already found some of the caches? The PN-40 will only list the caches you haven't found unless you choose "Show Found Caches" in the menu. Another problem are some of the unicode characters that appear in some logs are not compatible with the PN-40 causing all caches after that log to be deleted. I have been working on my own version of a Cache Register type program that addresses that issue. It is very much pre-alpha and unfinished at the moment, but you can find it on my website if you want to give it a try. Just follow the link on my sig.
  11. I guess here is my problem. I don't see that 3 dot button I keep reading about. I believe I am using the latest version of the official app for android version 3.0.1 but there is no 3 dots that I can find so adding the next waypoint doesn't seem like an option. I have an older phone, so the 3 dots don't appear on mine. However, I do have a menu button on the bottom of the screen. If you see a menu button, then press that to get to the destination option. I also believe that some newer android phones have an option to replace the 3 dots with the notification bar. Just drag it down to get to the extra options.
  12. good PQ tutorial here. -> http://markwell.us/pq.htm
  13. I don't have a Garmin 450, but if it is working like some others I know, I think I know what might be happening. When you turn on the Garmin, it begins to load the .GPX files into the unit from oldest to newest. If a newer .GPX file has a cache already loaded from an older .GPX file, then only the listing from the older .GPX will be seen. So it goes like this: Do some caching Buy Garmin GPSr Do pocket query and save as TownPQ.GPX transfer TownPQ.GPX to Garmin Do some caching Do MyFinds Pocket Query Transfer MyFinds.GPX to Garmin ^^^ Here we have a problem. Not all the caches will be seen from the MyFinds.GPX because the caches still exist in the TownPQ.GPX. Some from the MyFinds will show up since the TownPQ probably doesn't contain all the caches you found (some are archived, some are outside the radius defined in the PQ, etc...). Also, any caches that you found before doing the TownPQ.GPX pocket query will show up since they are marked as found in TownPQ. The proper way to do this would be to regenerate the TownPQ pocket query so you get a new one with all the new caches marked as found (or simply click the "have not found" check box to remove found caches from the pocket query completely). Then delete the PQ from the Garmin and transfer the new, updated one. Not only do you get the correct ones showing up as found, but you also get the other caches updated properly (some may be disabled, archived, moved, etc... since you first ran the pocket query)
  14. Use pocket queries. Here is a tutorial on creating them. http://markwell.us/pq.htm
  15. Decided to do this cache one day. http://coord.info/GC1VCR0 Takes you to a tiny park. From the bench at the park, about 100 yards away is a bald eagle's nest. The park is called Eagle Nest Observation Park, and the only reference to the park I can find online is an announcement of a ribbon cutting ceremony. One of those little gems that most people would never know about except when looking for a cache there.
  16. try adding a comma and Australia after the zip code. Like this without quotes "2600, australia" Seems the problem is that some zip codes are the same in other countries and the search engine is grabbing the wrong ones.
  17. When on the compass page of the gc app, click on "menu", then "Destination." Choose the child waypoint from there.
  18. I have seen it done as a bonus cache. Two or more traditional caches, each with a clue that will lead you to a mystery cache (bonus). Here is an example of one. http://coord.info/GC1VZ16
  19. In your email client, there is usually a link or something to click on that will allow you to move the attachment from the temp folder to somewhere more reasonable. Alternatively, you can go to the Pocket Queries main page and click on the "Pocket Queries ready for download" tab and download from there.
  20. It is from non-standard UTF-8 characters. If anyone logs from a smartphone and places a smiley face, and that log is included in your pocket query, then the PQ will be corrupted on the GPSr. You wont see the results of the corruption until you shut down the GPSr or any other function which causes it to rewrite changes to the unit. GC2M8VH has a log like that. Look for one from March 21, 2013. Sorry I can't give you a link because the servers are down for maintenance right now.
  21. The problem here is that this cache can fit in either category. A multi cache is simply one with multiple stages. The stages themselves can be traditional, virtual, or puzzles themselves. A puzzle cache requires you to solve a puzzle. Since both qualities exist in this cache, either type would be correct. I would personally list it as a puzzle since there is need of prior knowledge, but there is nothing wrong with multi. Now if you want to see something really confusing, check out http://coord.info/GC22BP5 a combination Wherigo, multi, puzzle, and night cache.
  22. For people searching with an Android phone, I would recommend installing an app called "GPS Status." With this app installed, I find that I get satellite lock faster, and get fewer drops. Plus, I like to use the "radar" mode with the official Geocaching app.
  24. People who hide obviously crappy containers, like coolwhip containers or gladware containers, then complaining how careless the finders are when the container and all the contents are destroyed.
  25. I use to use a Tungsten E until I got my iPod touch, then used that until I got a paperless GPSr. PDAs are nearly useless anymore with smartphones and tablets on the market. They still can benefit if you already own one or can get one dirt cheap, but if you are going to save up, you are better off with one of the newer devices.
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