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Pocket Query Cache only shows as waypoints garmin


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I use a Garmin Oregon 450. The caches are only showed as waypoint if download the gpx file and import it on the base camp softeware. The information about cache size, description etc are missing.

Have a to us GSAK or something similar for that?


Thanks for your help

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My first guess is your downloading .loc files. How are you getting these files, by clicking on the send to my gps button on the cache page or by unzipping the PQ? Note that clicking the 20 at a time on the PQ preview page and downloading those will *not* get you a .gpx file.

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I'm also seeing the same thing on my Megellan Exporist GC. One pocket query ends up fine

on the hand unit. Another only shows some waypoints. I run a PQ, unzip, and manually

move the files to the corresponding folders for waypoints and geocaches. At first I

thought it was a problem trying to do it from the macbook my first time. But I've

deleted files from the handheld and repeated it from the old PC with the same results.

I tried using only one PQ at a time on the hand unit and it seems that only one of the

two PQs has this issue. Wasted a day when I traveled to the area of the second (incomplete)

PQ with nothing to hunt with. Grrr

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I use "Easy GPS" and can have this problem sometimes.

When it happens it means that I've got the wrong GPS selected. I'm not familiar with "Base camp" but maybe it's got a way to select a GPS on it. It should. Check what the setting is on. If it's set for a GPS that can only take coordinates then it will only send coordinates.

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I use a Magellan GC and 710. In both cases I unzip the PQ to get the two files - xxx.gpx and xxx-wpts.gpx and then just copy the files to the respective Geocaches and Waypoint folders. Make sure when you've done this you eject the device from your PC, don't just unplug it. I've had a PQ fail to appear in the GPS when I've just unplugged it because the PC hasn't finished writing the data (though it appears to have done). You can also use Magellan's Vantage Point software to grab the PQ from your account and transfer it. This also transfer cache page images too.




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