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Hello dears,


I have found that the best applications for mapping and geocaching are BY FAR c:geo and Oruxmaps (Android applications).

No GPS unit have such a powerful software.

The problem is, that normally Android phones are not sturdy, not waterproof, their battery does not last for a whole weekend without recharging.


So I am searching for a Android unit that has eventually NO PHONE, nor 3G. I just need wireless (so to upload maps to Orux and caches to C:geo before getting out in the wild) and GPS or (even better) bluetooth, so to use a powerful external GPS receiver.

Waterproofness is not mandatory, shockproofness isn't either, but a long battery life is.


Is there anybody using such a setup and willing to share which device is she/he using?


Thanks very much,

regards from Italy.

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Re battery life - even though it's a big deal, it really isn't :)


No matter what GPS, PDA, phone, etc, you have, there will come a time when your battery life is less than you would like. So you always should carry spares.


If you have a "sealed" device and you can't swap batteries in the field, carry a charger. For urban-cachiers, a plug-in charger might weigh less than spare batteries.


But if you;re really going to be "out int he field", there are many USB chargers available that use AA batteries - like this one from Brookstone. As it's likely your GPS uses AA batteries as well, this is a versatile and practical solution. Better than buying a whole different phone just for battery life.

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Good recommendations, thanks to both. Some comments!

For what matter turning off some features: I didn't stated that clearly, sorry, my bad. What I meant is that I am searching for such a phone that does not HAVE those features so to save money. I turn off those feats on my phone already, but still I can't get past the 9 hours of extended usage (gps and screen only). I would love to get a long lasting, cheap one - no matter if it misses features I would not use.


For what matters extra charge, that is a nice idea, but I am very weight savvy and on those extreme mountainereeng journeys with tent I would happily save that extra weight on my back and shoulders.


Many many thanks!

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