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title attributes in HTML

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Just about every HTML tag should allow the title attribute to provide hidden tooltip text. But I've done several tests adding code in the text areas for creating a new cache and the title tag is stripped out of the rendered code every time. Use of the title tag is integral to certain tags like <acronym> and <abbr> where the title provides information about what the text means.


When a user check the box for "The descriptions below are in HTML", the list of tags shows that title is an allowed attribute for many tags but it doesn't get displayed on the final page. Please advise.

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Any update on this one? I've run in to the issue again on the <td> tag. The HTML instructions on the cache creation page explicitly list title as an accepted attribute for the <td> tag but my title attributes get stripped out. I need this information for accessibility reasons. I have a series of boxes where a person needs to fill in the answer to a question, and one of the letters in each answer is used in a key to get a number. If someone is blind or otherwise can't see color on his or her screen, then the flagged block is not obvious. I had title tags in the <td>s that indicate a space between words (title="space") and in the <td>s that indicate the key letter in the answer (title="key letter").


Please advise when this issue will be fixed.

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