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Finding caches along a specific route

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I just started using the "caches along a route" feature last year and it works pretty good, but always remember to check the route it gives you against the one you will actually be taking. Sometimes it will give you the short route which might be a considerable distance away from the route you actually take. When you are on the map page you can click on the route and drag the highlighted portion to the roads you will actually take.

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If your 'route' is really hiking trails and not along roads, you can build a 'path' in Google Earth that is completely manual and does not 'snap' to roads like an auto GPS or the web site will. Export your path to KML and you can upload that to the GC web site as your route. I have successfully used this a few times to limit my PQ along a route to follow a particular hiking path, not roads. I limited the search to +/- .1mi to limit being distracted by the occasional nearby urban hides.

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