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Geocache Companion

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Do you know how many First-to-Finds you have earned?

It is generally a tough nut to crack for most geocachers.

The FTF race is a special instant where you can meet other geocachers with adrenalin; a kind of game within the game.

Whether a geofinder or a geohider, here is the tool you need to manage your FTF and those earned for your geocaches.


Geocache Companion is now available !







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Geocache Companion is now referenced in the Geocaching.com third parties page.


The Geocache Companion user number is growing every day. We get a lot of good feedback. A lot of new features are currently in development...


See you soon on www.geocachecompanion.com

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Hi !

After 6 years, I just have updated the Geocache Companion Web Site.

It has been completely rewritten and some new features are now available to help you managing your FTFs.

Let's connect to Geocache Companion : http://www.geocachecompanion.com !

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