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Using Micro SD card with GPSMAP 62sc - new .img map not showing up

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I got a 4 GB Micro SD card and installed it in my 62sc and it mounts on the desktop. I made a "Garmin" folder on it and copied a map from http://www.osmmaps.com/ for Canada into it, but when I go to Map Setup on my GPS it doesn't show up. The file is called "gmapsupp.img" - is that the right name? I was under the impression that I could use any name. Further, I looked around in the menus and I can't find anything about memory cards. I was expecting for example, to see an option to save photos to the Micro SD card, but there's nothing I can find like that. Is there something I need to do to get the MicroSD card to be recognized by the GPS?


I just plugged the GPS back into my Mac and launched BaseCamp and it read the map from the card and displayed it, so the map appears to be right. But again I just disconnected and check on the GPS and the map doesn't show up in the Map Setup. What am I doing wrong?


Also, since putting this card in, now when I eject both the GPS and the card from my desktop, after a few seconds they mount again. Is there any way to stop that? I'm on a Mac running 10.7. It didn't do that when I didn't have a memory card in it and was just using the internal storage.

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I think the GPS is not recognizing the card, because I found the settings for the camera and you can set it to use the card for storing photos, but if I set it to that it says that I can take 0 photos. Trying to take one anyway results in it not storing the photo. Was there some sort of formatting I was supposed to do for the card other than making a "Garmin" folder?

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Ok, so I'm having a conversation with myself, LOL, but maybe others will find this useful. I resolved the problem. I reformatted the card with Disk Utility on my Mac using FAT format, and copied the map over again, and now it recognizes the card for photos and the map shows up. Yeah! Unfortunately, while this Canada map shows lots more streets than the basemap, it doesn't show many street names, so I guess I'm still in search of a good map for Montreal, where we'll be visiting later this summer and I would like to look for some caches.


Also, I still have the problem that when I eject the card, it and the Garmin mounts again after a few seconds. So I have to eject it and the Garmin, then disconnect the cable, not doing it too soon and not doing it too late. Pretty darn annoying and there's a potential for corruption, so if anyone else has/had this problem and finds a solution, that info would be appreciated. Otherwise I might remove the MicroSD card and go without.

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