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Newbie questions

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Hello all,


Just started spending some time poking around Waymarking.com, and finding all kinds of great stuff. I have two questions:


1) Is there a way to search just for items in my favorite categories? If I were planning a trip to Albuquerque, for example, it would be real handy to search for "anything in any of my favorite categories within 25 miles of Albuquerque." I realize I can "ignore" categories, but it would take a whole lot of clicks to "ignore" everything that's not a favorite, then a whole lot more to change it back.


2) I was disappointed to find that gpx/loc/kml download includes only selected items on the current page of search results. Is there a way to get everything that matches a search, other than clicking through to each page of results? (I think the answer to this is probably no, but the planned pocket query feature might meet the need when it's implemented?)


Thanks for any input.

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I only know of the option to search for waymarks in a favorite category one category at a time. For example, if I want to search for Penny Smashers near Albuquerque, I would go to the Penny Smasher category, then use the search options to specify New Mexico, then zoom in on the map near Albuquerque. I'm sure someone else will come along and tell me there's a much easier way, but that's the only way I know.

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You can only do it one category at a time (or higher level say all history). Go to the category. When all waymarks in category are displayed click the "+" at the top where it says "Search criteria" then you can type in the city in the "Near" box and click update it will then display the waymarks in that category near where you entered in order of distance. You select all the waymarks listed on a page by clicking in the box at the bottom of the page that say "check/uncheck all"

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That's kind of what I thought, thanks to you both for confirming. Maybe I'll request this feature on the other board.


However, I'm delighted to learn that there's a Penny Smasher category! :)


I actually said something useful? Glad to hear you are excited about Penny Smashers! :D

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