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Hi Guys! I am trying to list my first cache and have tried using the new listing format. Every time I enter the co-ordinates, the map shows the location flag in the correct position after I click " Confirm co-ordinates on map". It's a multi cache so I then enter the final cache co-ords and click confirm again but when I enter the country and state and click confirm it flags up that I need to "confirm the co-ordinates on the map". again and will not let me move on. Am I missing something obvious? Help please. <_<

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Am I missing something obvious? Help please.


No, you're not missing something obvious. You're the victim of a bug in this new cache form. Specifically, the additional waypoints tool will not accept coordinates between E 000° and E 009° for some types of waypoints.


The developers are aware of the bug, and are likely to address it in the next release. In the meantime, I know of two work-arounds for you.


1) use the old form! it's linked at the top of the new form, as


Not ready to try the new cache submission process? Go back to the old page.



2) Use the New form, but list your cache as a Traditional. At the end hit "save and preview". This will (quite oddly) take you back to your private profile page, where the listing will be at the top under

Your Unpublished Disabled Caches


You can click on the title, which will take you to cache page. Now click on the "edit listing" link in the upper right corner, and you'll be on the "old" form. From here, you can change the type to multicache, and from the Waypoints link, you can add your final coords.

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