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Pocket Queries 101?

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Hi. Although I've been geocaching for a year, I'm still trying to figure it all out. I have several questions about pocket queries and couldn't seem to find my answers anywhere (I'm sure they're out there somewhere).


Lets start with creating a list of caches along a route... We often like to just do a huge loop in a specific area to just do geocaching. So I've tried many times to make the start and stop destination on the map and attempt to move the route we want to take manually. This seems pretty difficult to do as the route doesn't necessarily "drag", it just kind of adds a new route and before I know it, my route lookes like a spider with a way too many legs and I have to keep restarting because I don't know how undue the new "legs". Is there a better way to create a route loop? For instance, starting at my home address, taking one route to the mountains and coming home via another route and ending up at the same address I started from??


I have tried several times to create a route, but how do I set the query up to just concentrate on the caches in front of us and go in order? It seems like I would go in order for the first few caches, then it would still bring up caches that were behind us and we would drive by ones while we were trying to just hit them in order and not miss any. Is this possible or are my expectations too high for what the queries are capable of doing?? Also, if I'm on my pocket query list and I hit the back tab, I have to reload the query itself even though I've already downloaded it.


I appologize for sounding so confused and kinda stupid, but I think I need a Pocket Queries for Dummies book.... :)


Any help would be appreciated.

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