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Dual XGPS251 (Ipod users) $30 plus $10 S&H

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I bought a smart phone so I sold my iPod and have no use for this.


It comes with the full car kit. If you currently use your iPod for paperless geocaching this gives you GPS capabilities as well.


With Navigon installed you have a fully functioning car GPS giving you full route guidance to the cache or somewhere less important. This works great for park and grabs.


I dropped it once and the case has several chips and is slightly separated but it doesn't impact the performance at all.


The big con with this device is that it takes a while to pick up the satellites so it's not great for walking around town and pulling it out of your pocket to quickly see if there is a cache nearby. This unit really excels when you pop it in the windsheild mount and use it to navigate to a cache. When you arrive switch to geosphere and pop it out of the mount and use it as a normal handheld to lead you to the cache. The car mount also keeps everything charged up so you can go all day.


I'm located in Canada but travel a lot so I can ship from Canada or the U.S.

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Hi John-

Do you know the date your cradle was produced?


I would be looking to work with a 4th gen IPOD, which wasn't available on all models, and the upgrade cost is significant :-)





P.S. PM Sent.

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