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Scottish Adoption

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Hi All

Is there someone willing and able to adopt my newly placed cache in Scotland. The cache is in place I just need someone to adopt it for us to be able to list it. The cache is in the area of Arisaig on Scotland’s west coast and not too far from Hidden Garden may be 5km. Team-Ipplepen visit the area every Easter and will carry out regular maintenance then but we need someone more local to adopt the cache in case it requires anything done in the mean time. We would appreciate anyone’s help with this. I have tried to find local cachers by working through the logs of other caches in the area but this did not work. If there is a cacher out there willing to help us out please let me know and I can give you further details for you to consider. We will obviously ensure whoever adopts our cache is reimbursed for anything spent on the cache. :D

Many Thanks Team Ipplepen.

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Would I be correct in saying you don't actually mean 'Adopt'?


In Geocaching terms, adopting a cache means transferring the cache page and full responsibility for the physical cache container over to someone else.


Do you mean you just need someone to go and check on it if need be?

Is the reviewer requesting this?





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The Reviewer has requested a local Maintainer. As the Guidelines state in regards to Maintenance

Owner is responsible for visits to the physical location. You are responsible for occasional visits to your cache to ensure it is in proper working order, especially when someone reports a problem with the cache (missing, damaged, wet, etc.), or posts a Needs Maintenance log. Temporarily disable your cache to let others know not to search for it until you have addressed the problem. You are permitted a reasonable amount of time – generally up to 4 weeks – in which to check on your cache. If a cache is not being maintained, or has been temporarily disabled for an unreasonable length of time, we may archive the listing.

The region in which a cacher is considered able to maintain caches responsibly will vary from person to person. A cacher who has previously logged caches within a wide range of their home may be considered able to maintain a geocache 200 miles (322 km) away. However, someone whose geocaching activities have primarily been within 25 miles (40 km) of home may not be able to maintain a geocache this far from home. This factor is determined at the discretion of the cache reviewer or Groundspeak.


Being able to visit a cache location once a year, is not a suitable Maintenance plan. As the Owner is not in a position to physically check on the container as and when needed. If the container goes missing the day after the owner leaves the area, it would have to wait 12 months, before the owner would be in a position to physically check on it. Also if the Landowner requests the container is uplifted, they will not except a explanation that the Owner will be along in 12 months time to uplift it.



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