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New 'Submit a New Cache Listing' Tool

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We are launching a new cache listing submission wizard today!


The new tool is accessible to all cache owners from a link on the "Report a New Cache" page, or you can go directly there from this link: "Submit a New Cache Listing."


This is a 6-step guided tool, designed to make it easier and more intuitive for cache listing creation. We are very excited to bring you this new tool, and we would like to thank the volunteer reviewers who provided great feedback and input during the development.


Some important information:


  • Attaching and editing images will need to be completed after a cache page is created.
  • Editing a completed cache page – published or unpublished – will revert to the old form until we bring you version 2.
  • At the end of the new process, you will have the option to save your work and come back to it OR preview it and then submit the cache listing.
  • The development process included months of testing with the volunteer reviewer team, to whom we are grateful for their input and feedback.

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