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Original Log Photos Directly From Thumbnails

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Save time, save bandwidth. Load original cache log photos directly from the thumbnail.


This instead of requiring the extra click on thumbnail pix - to load new page with desired pix on top, before being able to view the original.

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Read your message 5 times, and still don't have a clue what you're talking about.


Are you passing along a tip on how to do something? Or is this a suggestion for a change to how the system currently works? Perhaps it's a string of phrases put together by a random sentence generator?



"Don't mess with a geocacher. We know all the best places to hide a body."

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Simplified and Improved version:

Make cache log pix accessible with single click, same as for cache description pix and benchmark log pix.


To get a look at original (full size) cache LOG photos you need to load additional "Groundspeak cache log" page(s), requiring twice as many page loads to get to the original.. This is glitzy and is OK if viewers are satisfied with thumbnails, but gets annoying for those who want to see the big picture. Suggest skipping the additional cache log page and going directly to the original photo.



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> Most people still don't have broadband connections, and


Yes. My point exactly. My use of dial-up makes it annoying to have to load the intermediate screens.


> the intermediate 300 pixel wide images are more than adequate for most viewing purposes.


I find the small pix decidedly inadequate,which is why I submitted the suggestion. However, bearing in mind that GC is too important to take seriously, final word to you.

PS This logic makes a strong case for further limiting the size of photo uploads and for crippling photo access screens in both cache descriptions and in benchmark logs - fine with me as I look almost exclusively at log photos.

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