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Download maps for offline use in official Android App

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I have searched the forums, and Android forums, about downloading maps for offline use on the Android platform. Unfortunately, the forums here mention iPhone methods, which don't appear to work on my phone.


-Android forums mention "Labs" in the "More" dropdown in the Google Maps App. With the newest version of the app installed, there is no "Labs" option.

-When using the newest version of the Groundspeak app, there is no option to save my PQs with relevant map data (topo/street/etc)


Does anyone know if this is possible? I've heard in many places that it is, but I have yet to get any method described to work, or to exist. Having a map available for use when I don't have a data signal would be great, don't you think?


All of this to say, I'm still fine using my handheld GPS. However, I'd love to get the most out of my $10 app!


Thanks for any help.

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FWIW, Neongeo supports offline maps, although I don't really use that feature. But it works only for OSM maps. Apparently, the Google Maps TOU prohibits caching tiles for offline use.

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On my ANDROID phone using Google maps: I start the maps app>menu button>settings>labs where you can 'turn on' 'Pre-cache map area'. The instructions say to long-press on the map around the area you'd like to load, and that only map tiles are saved, no satellite view.



I've never tried this, so I can't say how well it works.

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The caching of offline google maps works great, it's now an official feature of the android google maps. However even if I save my caches in a list for offline caching and hit the button 'view in external map' google maps still requires a running internet connection to resolve the coordinates or whatever is handed over by the Groundspeak geocaching app.

I'm really looking forward to a reasonable offline-mode in the offizcial Groundspeak gc app as this has already been possible for ages in the iOS version on my first iPhone 3G ;-(

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So, here's the rub...

I don't see "Labs" in Google Maps on my phone. I learned to read! :anicute:


Also, it worries me that you can't view the caches on a map without an internet connection, even with the maps offline.


Does anyone know of a workaround? I'm no programmer or expert on Droid and apps...so I'm finding that I'm clueless.

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I have tried all the Android apps and Neon Geo blows them all away.

We live in an area where phone service is not the best so their offline maps are fantastic.

Took me a little while to figure it all out but once you do you won't look back

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