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Quick way to mark caches as found in Android App

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Is there a quick way to mark a cache so it does not show up in the search results of nearby caches on the Android App?


Here's the scenario below in more detail:

I search for nearby caches on the app. I select one go over and find it. Now I do not want to write out my whole log in the field, but somehow I would like that cache to no longer show up in my searches for the rest of the day. I thought maybe posting a field note would do the trick, but it didn't seem to change my search results. I suppose I could log some sort of generic note and edit it when I get home.


Thanks in advance.

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Ever since they 'updated' the API this has been the behavior.

I don't like it either! :mad:

I was told (in the Beta-tester's forum) that this is by design and 'they' '...want to clearly make a distinction between field notes and actual logs'. I'm not sure how this helps anybody.


About all you can do is put the cache(s) on your ignore list (temporarily) until after you post your actual log(s). Yes, that's a lot of extra steps that really shouldn't be necessary, but that's all I got. :(

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