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Permanent LEGO sculptures category

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Hi everyone:


Our group began discussions for a category of permanent LEGO sculptures. Some of these sculptures were submitted to the Figurative category, but do not meet that category's requirements. Interest was expressed in the creation of a LEGO category - so our group began the process. However, the Forums for Waymarking ran into problems at the same time - so there was not too much discussion.


We do not want to submit a category to vote without discussion. Rough ideas for the category are that the sculptures must be made from LEGOs (well, duh!); the sculpture must be a unique creation - not from a LEGO kit; the sculpture must be permanent and on display to the public at regular hours (for instance, in a zoo or theme park); the sculpture must display complexity and/or magnitude (in other words, a LEGO sculpture of a simple building would probably not meet the category requirements but a sculpture of an entire downtown area probably would.


Here are some examples of permanent LEGO sculptures:






P.S. Just learned that there is a limit of the number of media files one can post as examples - so only posted two photos.


Whoops - posted in the wrong area.

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