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help :)

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Ok so I'm new to using a gps unit for geocaching , I have been using my phone..... I couldnt find the answer to this from searching the fourms, tho I'm sure the answere is somewhere.


anyway , I got a magellan 110 and loaded it with some caches for my trip to nashville last week. All went well I found caches and all , but my question is how do I get the caches I found on the gps to show on the web site, I marked them as found on the gps unit, but How do i submit them to geocaching.com so they show as I found them ??????


Thanks for your help

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Log your finds on the cache pages:


Learn How to Log Your Find



This is your opportunity to tell a bit about your experience searching for and finding the cache, rather than just a "tftc" log, which disappoints the cache owner and other cachers.


The Help Center is a valuable and helpful resource:






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You may also be able to upload field notes from your device, and then log your finds using the field notes. Here are the Magellan instructions from the Upload Your Field Notes File page:

To upload Field Notes from your Magellan eXplorist GPS Receiver:


  1. Plug your eXplorist device into your computer with a USB cable and click "Connect to PC".
  2. Click "Choose File" on this web page and go to the MAGELLAN drive on your computer.
  3. Open the Geocaches folder and select the file named "newlogs.txt" or "logs.txt". Click "Open".
  4. Click "Upload Field Note" on this page to upload your Field Notes.
  5. We recommend that you delete the "newlogs.txt" or "logs.txt" file on your device once your Field Notes have been successfully uploaded.

Once the Field Notes are uploaded you can return to the Field Notes list page to start logging your finds.

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