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More detailed TB notification emails?

Team Chevelle

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Currently, if I am watching a cache and someone logs something, I get a great email telling me the entire log: which cache, who logged it, and what they said. I don't even have to go to the site to read it -- which is great (and probably a little less load on the site).


But, with TBs, I get an email that just says that a TB that I am watching has been logged -- and I have to go to the link to find out anything about it. The email doesn't even tell me the name of the TB! icon_frown.gif


Could the TB notification emails be modified to be more like the cache notification emails? Basically, with the name of the TB, who logged it, where, and what the note was?


As I watch more TBs, this is becoming more of a problem.


Thanks much!


- John...

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