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number of caches in the US

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I am trying to update my cache page (GC589)with some stats. I currently have the (as of 2/2012):

12th oldest in the state of Washington, 12 out of 26,046 = oldest 0.0005%

32nd oldest in the NATION = ??????

32nd oldest in the WORLD, 32 out of 1,652,802 = 0.00001936%

How do I find the TOTAL number of geocaches hidden in the US? I pulled the world number off their main site, but can't find the national number anywhere and it exceeds the 1000 count for a pocket query.



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It seems to me this was asked before, not so long ago, and I'm not sure there's an elegant solution to your problem.


One way, albeit painful, is to just call up a State searth from the Hid and Seek Page. At the top of the page that returns the search will be the Total for the State. You'll just have to run through all 50 States and add it up.


Hopefully someone will come along with a quicker solution :)

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