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This has probably been asked before, but I'm at work and don't have full access to the site...


I'm going out this weekend to grab some caches that will fill up some remaining boxes of the Jasmer. They're all to the north, the closest is 7mi or so, the farthest is close to 90mi. There's about 20 of them. I'm trying to figure out the most efficient route between them all. Is there a way to view ONLY these caches on a map, whether it's the map on the site or on Google Earth?

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I would add them all to a bookmark list, then run a Pocket Query on that list. Then open the resulting GPX file with your favorite mapping program (e.g. Google Earth).


With 20 it might be a bit tedious, but with a smaller number, another option is to go to each cache page, and click on the GPX File button. Choose to open each one in Google Earth. Accumulate all you want then do your planning.

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