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Quantity of Tracks Visible

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I've got several GPX files on my mSD card. One with Tracks, one with Waypoints,etc.


All the Waypoints are listed in the Waypoint Mgr and visible on the map.


All the Tracks are listed in the Track Manager correctly but are not visible on the map. All are checked to "Show on Map". I have to go to Track Mgr and select one, and select View Map to make it visible.


With the exact same data files and same settings on an Oregon 550, all tracks so checked are visible simultaneously.


Is this a change with a recent update? I thought the 78S previously acted the same as the Oregon. It definitely needs to.

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Now, here's the weird part... I worked on both GPSs all afternoon. Several power cycles with units re reading and re loading data from the GPX files. Still no tracks visible (on the 78S) even though they were checked.


This morning I was going to go through both units one more time to see if some setting was different on one only.


Turned them both on and all tracks were visible on both units! (and I can absolutely guarantee that they were NOT visible on the 78 when I turned it off the evening before) Had to be something about re reading and re loading data one more time.


Here's what I got back from Garmin.......


Thank you for contacting Garmin International.


I will be more than happy to assist you in your issue today and thank you for being a Garmin customer.

At this time, Garmin does not suggest installing GPX files, tracks or waypoints onto the SD card of your GPS handheld unit for it can cause issues with viewing such data. Most likely this is causing your current issue. The operating system of our devices is intended to read only mapping in most cases on the SD card.

Please install your data onto the internal memory only and this will most likely resolve your issue.

If you have any other questions, please do let us know and thank you for being a Garmin customer.

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