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New Cache Type

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I Am starting to see some of these virtual Caches that involve going somewhere and posting a picture of yourself and GPS with the coordinates.

Some people seem to have a problem with this type of cache but I don't. I suggest Make a new cache type to separate these caches from the regular virtual cache mabey call it a "Reverse Virtual Cache" The Icon for it could be same as the Virlual but turned sideways.

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There's really a couple of categories. My Photographer's Caches are moving virtual caches. The are set up as giving a clue and the coordinates and the seeker has to go to the coordinates and try to figure out what they wanted a picture of.


The other one that is more common is the "Locationless Caches" where the hider does not ask the seeker to specifically go to a set of coordinates, but sets up criteria for photos and asks the seeker to provide a photo and coordinates of how they met the criteria.


The Locationless Cache has some very special criteria that would be best served by setting them up as a separate type of cache. These caches don't really have their own coordinates, but as many coordinates as successful logs. I could see a whole separate type of cache page (maybe even one with a different color background).


Just my thoughts and clarifications.



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