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1st UAE Leap Year Special Event


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Since this would be the first time a leap year event has been created in the UAE it will be a great opportunity to do three things at once on a leap year Feb 29, 2012. Hope to see as many people from the region - the most we can from the UAE. :smile: Find the event cache page on Geocaching.com here: http://coord.info/GC3B4X1


Location: Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotel And Resort


Time: Wed, Feb 29th, 2012 @ 6:30 pm



1. Have the most UAE Geocacher's the same cache for the first time. Create a record for the UAE!


2. This will enable as many cacher's log an event/cache for this leap-year in the UAE and help out Geocaching.com reach their goal to have most ever caches found ib=n one day in their history as referenced below.


3. There are two other traditional caches nearby within 2.5 kms that everyone can go find that have not logged them as finds before. a.)GCVBVF Ghantot and b.)GC2JEXT Bye Leo so some cacher's can go for a triple play on a leap-year!


Note: These would be night caches as it will be dark after the event, but I think with all the cacher's around we should have enough lights, etc. to find them!


Above all else, this will be a great spot to meet-up and network with cacher's from all over the UAE.



Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter – January 18, 2012 February 29 - 2012



– This Day in Geocaching History In the 11 years and 9 months since the first geocache was placed, there is single date on which only a small fraction of geocachers have ever logged a cache. We suspect that's because this particular date has only happened twice in geocaching history; it's February 29, also known as leap day. Given our penchant for all things that leap (frogs, horses, excited geocachers), we wanted to mark the third leap day in geocaching history — February 29, 2012 — by seeing how many accounts can log a cache that day. Last February 29, way back in 2008, 36,696 distinct accounts logged an "Attended" or "Found it" on a cache. Given the growth of the geocaching community since then, we think we can double that number this year. But 73,392 distinct accounts logging a cache is a lofty goal; it's the second highest number of accounts to log a cache in a single day. The current record, 78,313, was set on 10/10/10. Considering that 10/10/10 was a Sunday and February 29 will be a Wednesday, it is going to require a huge push to reach our goal. So, talk to your fellow geocachers, your friends, and your co-workers about going geocaching (and logging their find) on February 29. In order to count toward the goal, people only have to log a single cache. Everyone who logs a "Found it" or "Attended" this February 29 will receive the Leap Day Souvenir on their profile. As an added bonus, Premium Members who love to look at their "finds by date" statistics most likely see a blank square on the calendar on February 29. This is your chance to fill in the square—the 366th day of geocaching!

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